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Resume - Santa Randy

Santa Randy Gabrelcik, RBS
Registered # 1766, National Beard Registry

Appointment Phone, Staffed by Debra: 952-472-2545

Weight: 250lbs + belly
Height: 6'2"
Health: Excellent
Dedicated and Attentive to the Christmas Spirit of Listening
Real Bearded and Authentic Looking
Professional Designed Wardrobe
Gentle, But Jolly
Personable and Trustworthy
Treasures each Special Moment Shared with a Child
Provides Memorable Magical Moments
Brightens Lives of Children of All Ages

My "unique specialty" is going to residences to do "Naughty or Nice Checks" where I bring an authentic wooden book with their names listed and details from parents. I chat with the children, ask the children if they have been naughty or nice this past year and what they might hope to find under the tree. These are usually 30 to 45 minute checks in the early evening. Parents and even grandparents have as much fun as the kids on these visits. It provides wonderful photo opportunities in your homes!!


santa randy

Member of Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas (AORBS)
(An International Organization of Bearded Gentlemen Dedicated to the Joy of Being Santa)
Member of the Royal Order of Santa Claus
Member of the National Santa Claus Registry
Member of the Minnesota Santas

International University of Santa Claus (IUSC)
Bachelor of Santa Claus Diploma 2004
Master of Santa Claus Diploma 2007
PhD of Santa Claus Diploma 2015

References Available Upon Request

santa randy